I'm Cameron and I'm playing around with a bit of coding.

This is a home for a bunch of coding projects that I have been working on in my spare time.
All of my projects are available on my Gitlab page.


Below is an overview of the main projects that I've been working on.   Follow the link to view the code - I'm a big fan of open-source so feel free to fork me!   :)



This is my first website written from scratch in basic HTML, CSS and simple JavaScript.   The website project source code is hosted on my Gitlab page - check it out on the link below.

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A JavaScript adaptation of the well-known card trumping game.

Check it out live View the code

A simple metronome for all your ticking needs. No ads, no clutter.

Check it out live View the code



RiffHapPy is a musical riff generator.

Use a fancy GUI to experiment and find your next song's new hook!

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Linux dotfiles

My configuration files (dotfiles) for Linux applications I use are available on my Gitlab page.   This includes the following:

  • Qtile - a tiling window manager written in Python.
  • Ranger - a file manager written in Python.
  • Firefox - custom user interface and stylesheets using UserChrome.css and UserContent.css.
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About me

Hi again! This is a bit about me.

I'm training to be an actuary because I enjoy torturing myself with exams.   :)

In my spare time I like football, guitar and, of course, studying for exams.